3.800. Motion for Judgment of Acquittal



(a) Timing. If, at the close of the evidence for the state or at the close of all the evidence in the cause, the court is of the opinion that the evidence is insufficient to warrant a conviction, it may, and on the motion of the prosecuting attorney or the defendant shall, enter a judgment of acquittal.

(b) Waiver. A motion for judgment of acquittal is not waived by subsequent introduction of evidence on behalf of the defendant. The motion must fully set forth the grounds on which it is based.

(c) Renewal. If the jury returns a verdict of guilty or is discharged without having returned a verdict, the defendant‘s motion may be made or renewed within 10 days after the reception of a verdict and the jury is discharged or such further time as the court may allow.

COMMENTARY:  Coming soon.

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